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~Our Collaring Ceremony~
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Our Collaring ceremony was very special, and a day that is burned into my memory forever. The petals with the blood on are now kept in an airtight container along with the handfasting rope...

Please, before you steal these words, remember that they are mine, i wrote them for OUR collaring ceremony - if you like them enough to want to use them - then PLEASE write to me and ask me first, CLICK HERE to send me an email,
Thank you.

kim’s Collaring vows


i kneel before You, Master, and i offer you this girl,

bound by chains that hold my soul,

yet free my life and make me whole


today You take me as Your own, today my life begins,

i kneel before You, soul stripped bare, and offer You these things.


i give to You my heart, it now belongs to You

it is the tie that binds us, No matter what we do


i give to You my mind, it now is yours to keep

i sense you with me always, the feelings are so deep


i give to You my body, it now is yours to take

Please use it at Your will, all others i forsake.


i give to You my soul, the essence that is me

there is no turning back, for You have set me free.


To serve You is my only wish, To please You is my need

Whatever path You choose, i will follow if You lead.


My heart, my mind, my body, my soul, i give these things to You

Please care for me and keep me safe, Please love me as You do.


kim debron 2005

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